During these trying times, the health and safety of your family are more important than ever. With our Washable Blue Marl ISLANDBOY MASK, you will be sure to feel your family safety needs are being attended to. Having said this, one of the most important things that we can do when we do have to go out in the world is to protect ourselves with a filter insert mask. This filter mask also has a nose wire and three layers of fabric for added protection!

Your family deserves the very best during these challenging times. This washable mask will be sure to give you and your family peace of mind. With a great look that comes from comfortable fabric and a filter pocket and a nose wire, this reusable cloth face mask is not only great for health and safety, but it is also comfortable to wear. This washable mask will be sure to be a filter face mask that will leave you feeling confident.


100% Organic Cotton. Handmade.



    Edgy! Sexy! Bold!