Saint George Fashion House | SGFH

Based in London, England, Saint George Fashion House (SGFH) was established in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).

SGFH specialises in timeless creations with a focus on stellar craftsmanship and fit; produces exclusive events; and features limited edition novelty, home, office and garden collections.

Forbes made history by establishing the TCI's first designer fashion house, which is dubbed 'The Fashion House of the TCI'. On July 9th 2011 he was honoured as the 'TCI Proponent of the Arts & Crafts'.

Kazz Forbes is the Principal of Saint George Fashion House; a Noted Photographer; National Director of Miss Universe Beauty Organization; and Brand Ambassador of Digicel International.

SGFH mandate is to continuously unearth, nurture, support and recognize talents; whilst supporting the development of human welfare.

Edgy! Sexy! Bold!