Youth Centre Fashion Club will sizzle again with Saint George Fashion House

The Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre of Providenciales will launch its second Fashion Club Program with Kazz Forbes of Saint George Fashion House (SGFH) from July 2-23.

Fashion designer and photographer Kazz Forbes is once again charting new possibilities for the youths of his native land. A past student of John Casablanca School of Acting and Modeling, South Florida, Forbes’ aim is to help these youths unlock their creative potential while they explore fashion and other career options.

According to Forbes, “We have designed a four-week-long fashion club program that meets every Monday from July 2 – 23. We will inculcate the basic fashion dos and don’ts and style essentials as well as teach print and runway modeling tips. Additionally, we will also provide an after school filled with the best summer activities for the young people. Plus, during the four weeks, the Club members will work on design projects and will be given an opportunity to showcase their creations in a fashion show.”

“The Fashion Club at the Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre serves as a program that encourages creativity, promotes self-confidence and helps our young girls believe in themselves and their dreams. The majority of our members that participate in this club have dreams of being a model or fashion designer and this program gives them an opportunity to taste that dream,” said Cherish Ferguson, programs director.

Ferguson added, “Working with Kazz Forbes of Saint George Fashion House has been very exciting; Kazz gives the girls an inside view of the fashion and design world. While he shows this career is hard work, he also exemplifies the fun aspect of fashion and modeling. Through Kazz, the girls have gotten training and tips on their walking and they’ve seen how a real fashion show works. The girls were even introduced to Miss Turks and Caicos 2011, Easher Parker and were given tips by the beauty queen herself.

“The centre has benefited from this program immensely. In fact, new girls joined specifically because of this program. Many of the old members have returned to the centre to experience this program and we hope the second time around the response is just as big. We also saw a huge boost in confidence; our girls were modeling around the centre without fear and with huge smiles on their faces. We welcome any club that makes the girls feel as good about themselves as this one did.

“By working with Saint George Fashion House, the Youth Centre is able to provide our members with a unique experience that they will take with them for life. Even if that young lady grows up to be a doctor or lawyer she will always remember the time she was a model and designer.”

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